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Addressing Requirements
Road address numbers must be clearly displayed so that the location can be identified easily from the road, day or night.

Numbers shall be no less than 4 inches high and made from a durable material of a contrasting color, and be visible from the road both day and night. Any home more than 75 feet from the road will be required to have these numbers adequately posted, and within the county's ordinance, at the end of the driveway. You may put them on your mailbox, but they must also be posted at the end of the drive.

Multi-Family or Nonresidential Structures
Numbers shall be at least 6 inches in height and shall be placed on the front of the building facing the road or the end of the building facing the road. They shall be made from a durable material of a contrasting color and visible from the road, both day and night.

Yadkin County Road Name & Address Display Ordinance Section 6-B
Owners or occupants of buildings already constructed that do not comply with the county ordinance will be notified and requested to meet the requirements within 60 days from the date of notification. A warning notice will be issued after 60 days if the requirements have not been met. If the owner or occupant does not comply voluntarily with this ordinance within 30 days of the delivery of a warning notice by registered or certified mail or by hand delivery to the building in violation, enforcement action pursuant to G.S. 153A-123 may be initiated. The maximum penalty is a $50 fine or 30 days in jail, or both.