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On-Site Wastewater Program (Septic Systems)
The goal of the On-site Wastewater Program is to protect the public's health through the safe disposal and treatment of wastewater.  Prior to building a facility, there must be a permitted plan on how that facility will dispose of the wastewater that it will generate.  When, a municipal sewer system is not available, the most common alternative is a sub-surface septic system, which will both treat and dispose of the wastewater on the site.

Click on the links below for more information about rules, regulations and helpful information about permitting, installing and maintaining a septic system.

Septic System Application

Owner Authorization Form

NC Division of Environmental Health-Water Protection Branch

Septic System Owner's Guide

Why Do Septic Systems Fail?

NC Septic Tank Association

Request for Copy of Septic System Record

For more information on the On-site Wastewater Program, please call Yadkin County Environmental Health at (336) 849-7905.