Vital Records

Vital Records

The goal of the Yadkin County Vital Records Department is to carry out the statutory requirements regarding vital statistics. The Health Director serves as the Local Registrar with a Deputy Registrar and Sub-Registrar serving as back-up. All births and deaths in Yadkin County are registered through the Vital Records Department, Burial Transit Permits and Disinterment / Reinterment Permits are issued here as well.

Birth Certificates / At-Home Births

All home births are filed with the Vital Records Department at the Health Department in the county where the birth occurred. It is the responsibility of the Deputy Registrar or Sub-Registrar to accurately complete a birth certificate for all home births occurring in Yadkin County.

Death Notification

The Funeral Director or person acting on behalf of the Funeral Director must notify the Vital Records Office within 24 hours with a notification of death for all deaths occurring in Yadkin County. A death certificate must be filed within five days of death with the Vital Records Department..

Birth & Death Certificates

To obtain copies of certified birth or death certificates please contact the Yadkin County Register of Deeds Office at (336) 849-7904 or the North Carolina Vital Records Branch at (919) 733-3000.

Additional Information

For more information about health related data, healthcare services, and community resources or to comment on services, please call 336-849-7910.

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