Welcome to the Yadkin County Tax office 

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The Tax office is currently open, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM except for holidays.

General Information.  Call the Tax Office at 336-849-7903.

Land Parcel Information. Printable parcel maps are available by visiting:   https://gis.yadkincountync.gov/

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Deed work. 
Please consult with your attorney.

Register of Deeds https://www.yadkincountync.gov/83/Register-of-Deeds  

Tax Office Responsibilities

The Yadkin County tax administrator is responsible for listing, appraising, and assessing all real estate and personal property and the collection of taxes due on that property.

The office also:

  • Processes applications for any exemptions or exclusions that may be granted under state law
  • Maintains up-to-date records of property ownership and property maps
  • Provides for the assignments of E-911 property addresses
  • Fee Schedule for Maps, Copies and etc.

Property Tax vs. Sales Tax

Property Taxes are assessed based on how much property you own. Not all residents in Yadkin County own property.

Sales and Use Taxes are generated from monetary transactions. Residents and visitors to Yadkin County participate in monetary transactions.

Select this link to see more info Property Tax vs. Sales Tax

Property Value

In North Carolina, the taxable value of property is the true market value. To appraise property the methods used are those prescribed by N.C.G.S 105-283 Uniform Appraisal Standards:

"All property, real and personal, shall as far as practicable be appraised or valued at its true market value in money. When used in this subchapter, the words "true value" shall be interpreted as meaning market value, the price estimated in terms of money at which the property would change hands between a willing and financial able buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of all the uses to which the property is adapted and for which it is capable of being used. For the purposes of this section the acquisition of an interest in land by an entity having the power of eminent domain with respect to the interest acquired shall not be considered competent evidence of the true value in money of comparable land."

Tax Rates 2021 - 2015




111 AArlington0.08000.08000.08000.08000.08000.08000.0800
112 BBoonville0.07500.07300.07300.07300.07300.07250.0725
113 CCourtney0.08000.08000.08000.08000.08000.08000.0800
114 EEast Bend0.07300.07250.07250.07250.07250.06750.0675
115 FForbush0.07500.07500.07500.07500.07500.07000.0700
116 KFall Creek0.07000.07000.07000.07000.07000.06000.0600
117 LLoneHickory0.07500.07500.07500.07500.07500.07500.0750
118 SBuckShoals0.05000.05000.05000.05000.05000.05000.0500
119 WW Yadkin0.07500.08000.08000.08000.08000.08750.0875
120 YYadkinville0.06500.06500.06500.06500.06500.06500.0650


102 BBoonville0.49000.49000.49000.49000.48000.46000.4600
103 EEast Bend0.50000.50000.50000.50000.50000.48000.4800
104 JJonesville0.50000.50000.50000.50000.50000.45000.4500
104 Vehicle FeeJonesville$30.00$30.00$30.00$30.00$30.00

105 YYadkinville0.42000.42000.42000.42000.42000.42000.4200
105 Vehicle FeeYadkinville$5.00$5.00$5.00$5.00$5.00

Solid Waste Fee per household

 $   60.00
Solid Waste Fee per household receiving Elderly Exemption
 $   30.00

2% Discount allowed for early payment of taxes in the month of August