Department News

Solid Waste Department News

The metal recycling area has moved within the Solid Waste Facility.  Please follow signs to the new metal recycling area.  If you have any questions please contact Solid Waste Staff on site or call 336-849-7912.  Yadkin County Solid waste encourages all citizens to use extreme caution while at all sites.

New Compactors 

Compactors have been installed at five of the solid waste convenience sites.  The compactors have assisted in increasing the cleanliness and efficiency of the convenience sites.  Staff is available to assist citizens with questions and working around the compactors.  The compactors will be in operation while the sites are open for residents to dispose of household trash.  County residents will also continue to have the option of bringing household waste to the Yadkin County Solid Waste Facility located at 1149 Landfill Rd, Yadkinville NC 27055.  

 The following locations now have compactors installed:

  • 1008 Catherine Ln, Jonesville NC 28642

  • 3016 Maranatha Church Rd, Hamptonville NC 27020

  • 3304 Dal Rd, East Bend, NC 27018

  • 1209 Lone Hickory Rd, Yadkinville, NC 27055

  • 2251 Speer Bridge Rd, Yadkinville, NC 27055

***To reduce potential wait times at sites, the Solid Waste Department recommends that individuals with significant amounts of household waste and recycling go to the Solid Waste Facility at 1149 Landfill Rd.***

Bagged Household Waste

The Solid Waste Department has implemented a solid waste household fee to cover the cost of disposal to the citizens. If you have a sticker and paid the fee, you are allowed to take your bagged household waste to the sites and landfill. If you do not have a sticker then you have to go to the transfer station and pay for your load. Bulky items, i.e. furniture, toys, loose trash, construction and demolition waste, will be weighed at the scales and you pay the cost of the load.

Transfer Station Minimum Fee

All loads crossing the scale at the Transfer Station (also known as the Landfill) on Sugartown Road will be charged a minimum fee of $8. Please remember to tarp or otherwise cover all loads to avoid unintentional littering and safe driving practices. As a reminder, if you bring anything to the landfill other than bagged household waste with a sticker then there is a charge for it. If you need more stickers, they are available at the Tax Collector's office in the Court House. There is a maximum of 3 stickers per household.

These changes are being established after considerable study and are needed in order that the Yadkin County Solid Waste Program can become more self supporting and better serve all of our customers in as fair a manner as possible. Thank you for your help and cooperation!