Medicaid Transportation

Non- Emergency Medicaid Transportation (NEMT)

NEMT Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation is available to Medicaid Recipients who are on qualified, eligible and current Medicaid Programs. NEMT if approved, will assist you to your nearest, closest medical provider, by the least expensive method suitable. Medicaid Transportation offers Mileage Reimbursement, or Van/Lift Van Rides (Lift Vans are Wheel Chair accessible).

NEMT assists with transportation only if the recipient receives a Medicaid covered service and to the nearest appropriate medical provider. For NEMT Van Transports either regular or lift van you must give a 3 business day notice. NEMT has the right to deny transportation assistance to Medicaid Appointments that are not to the closest provider, or if have not been given enough notice for appointments.


You must complete a current Medicaid Transportation Application annually. Some Medicaid Programs are not eligible for Medicaid Transportation. If you are unsure of what type Medicaid Program you are on, please feel free to call 336-849-7910 extension 7521. For a complete explanation of Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation please contact us.


If you need any copies of the Medicaid Transportation Mileage Reimbursement Sheets or 5118 Verification of Services Forms, you may to download the forms from our website or you may come by Yadkin County Human Services Agency for any Medicaid Transportation forms.

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