Spay and Neuter

Reasons to Spay or Neuter

  • Your pet would likely live a longer, more healthy life
  • Better behavior: less "marking" and aggression problems. Unaltered animals are involved in 75% of reported dog bite incidents
  • Cost effective: the surgery is cheaper than caring for a littler of puppies or kittens, reduces the chance you would have to pay for a vet bill due to aggression, or confinement due to biting a human
  • Your pet would be more likely to stay close to home
  • Reduces animal over-population: Every year, more animals come in to the animal shelter than there are available homes/adopters. Spaying and neutering is an important step in decreasing the need for euthanasia

Community Spay/Neuter Program

We are currently not accepting spay/Neuter applications.

Yadkin County has a Community Spay/Neuter program available to eligible Yadkin County residents. To be eligible, you must complete an application and submit documentation of residency and income. If it is determined that you are eligible, you can have up to 3 pets spayed/neutered at no cost. 

All animals that participate in this program must be rabies vaccinated. If you are approved for the program and do not have proof of this vaccine, you will have an appointment with a Shelter staff member to complete the vaccination.

Once approved, you will be given an appointment date for your pet. Bring the pet to the shelter by 8am on the morning of the surgery. The transportation to and from the veterinarian is completed by shelter staff. You pick your pet up from the shelter by 5pm. For more information, please call us at (336) 849-7901 option 2.

Other Spay/Neuter Resources

  • All our local veterinarians perform this service, and are able to be found in the phone book or by internet search.
  • Spay NC Helpline maintains a list of resources available for each county in North Carolina, 1-888-NC-FIX-EM (1-888-623-4936).
  • Central Spay Neuter and Wellness Clinic, while focusing on reduced rate spay and neuter, they also provide other services. They are located at:
    2780 West Mountain Street
    Kernersville, NC 27284
    Phone: (336) 723-7550.
  • Yadkin County Humane Society is able to provide spay/neuter assistance, including no-cost and low-cost options. For more information, email them at, or visit them on Facebook.