Human Services

Yadkin County Human Services Agency

The Yadkin County Human Services Agency is comprised of the Social Services Division, the Women, Infant, and Children Division, and the Medical Clinic.

The mission of the Human Services Agency is to protect and improve the health and quality of life of the citizens of Yadkin County. This is accomplished through the strengthening families, promotion of self-sufficiency, eliminating poverty, assuring and maintaining a healthy environment, education of the people, providing preventative health services and enforcing state rules and regulations.


The Yadkin County Human Services Agency offers a variety of programs and services for residents of Yadkin County. A full listing appears in the column to the left; please click on those links to access additional information regarding each department program and service.

LIEAP- Low Income Energy Assistance Program Information (English Version)

LIEAP- Low Income Energy Assistance Program Information (Spanish Version)

CIP- Crisis Intervention Program Flyer

Notice of Your Rights Under Hawkins v. Cohen

Hawkins Notice Exhibit B

Hawkins Notice Exhibit B (Spanish)

Food Safety

Be mindful of food safety during the holidays. Visit this website by the FDA to learn more:

Food Safety: What you need to know

Food safety

Salmonella Infections Linked to Pre-Cut Melon

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Community Health Assessment Report

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