Knox Box

Knox Box Brochure (PDF)

Knox-Box, known officially as the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System, is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys and business contact information for fire departments. Local fire companies hold a master keys to all boxes in their response area, so that they can quickly enter a building without having to force entry or find individual keys or wait for a key holder to respond wasting precious minutes. 

Knox Master Key

Knox Master Key is stored in a key retention device such as KeySecure. Knox Master Key retention devices provide accountability on access to the key. KeySecure records an audit trail of when the key is accessed.


A Knox Box can simplify key control for local fire departments. It can also cut fire losses or water damage from sprinkler activation, for building owners since firefighters can enter buildings without breaking doors or windows. It can also reduce the potential of a firefighter being injured forcing entry. Tamper switches are an option that has to be wired into their alarm system and this is voluntary.

Order a Knox Box

  • You can order the boxes in three colors: aluminum, black, and dark bronze.
  • You have two options on door type: hinge or lift off; we suggest hinged type.
  • You then have two mounting options: Recessed and Surface Mount; the recessed is for new construction where brick will be laid around the KNOX Box. This application will require a mounting kit and the surface mount is bolted to the exterior of the structure
  • There are different size boxes and other options for use such as padlocks, key switches and various other items for different applications.
  • The 3200 series: if you needs less than 10 master keys.
  • The 4400 if you need more than 10 keys.
  • You then have the option of tamper switch. If you have an alarm system, it is available to be connected to your alarm and when the door is opened it will send a tamper alarm to the emergency contact.

Access Knox Box.


A Knox-Vault in an academic building.  

Knox KeySecure

A Knox KeySecure, attached inside the cab of a fire engine, holds a high-security key to open Knox-Box key boxes (our knox key is county wide in case a mutual aid department responds and needs the key).

Fire Marshal Evaluation

After ordering, the Fire Marshal will receive an email that your business has requested a Knox Box. The Fire Marshal then evaluates the form and box for the application. If all information is correct, it’s approved and the owner will receive an invoice. After the box has been paid in full, it will be shipped to your business. The box will arrive with the door off. This is so that the business can properly mount the box. It is the business’ responsibility to properly mount the Box in accordance with the Yadkin County Rapid Entry Key System Ordnance.

After properly mounting the Knox Box and you have a master key/all keys needed to building, call the Fire Marshal (336-679-4231) to setup an appointment for locking your Knox Box.