Public Swimming Pool & Spa Program

The purpose of the Public Swimming Pool & Spa Program is to provide the public with safe aquatic facilities by ensuring the proper construction and maintenance of public swimming pools and spas. Yadkin County Environmental Health staff inspects and permits these facilities to verify that proper water quality, safety and construction standards are being met in accordance with State statutes and rules.

Operators of public swimming pools are required to obtain a permit each year based on their dates of operation. In order to obtain a permit, the operator must submit an application with the required $150 fee. In addition, the pool or spa must meet all requirements for a permit including the following:

  • Acceptable disinfectant and pH levels
  • Acceptable water clarity and temperatures
  • Availability of required safety equipment
  • Required signage, depth markers and notices
  • Approved emergency phone with signage
  • Drain Covers that are secure and in good repair
  • Pool wall, floor and deck that are in good repair and free of trip hazards
  • Clean and safe bathing and changing facilities
  • Approved fencing and self-closing doors and gates
  • Compliance with all VGB requirements.

North Carolina Regulations

Please use these links to access information about operating a public pool or spa in North Carolina:

Additional Information

For more information about pool permits and fees, please contact Yadkin County Environmental Health at (336) 849-7905.