COVID-19 Vaccination

How to Receive the Vaccine in Yadkin County


1. Fill out and Submit the Interest Form

If you are interested in receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine, your first step will be to Click this link and fill out and submit the form. By filling out and submitting this form, we will have the information we need to tell which phase you are in and how to contact you when it is your turn. We will never ask for passwords, social security numbers, etc. on this form.  

If you need assistance filling out this form, or know someone without internet access that needs to fill out this form, please call during normal business hours: (336) 849-7950. 

2. Wait for a Notification 

The next step after submitting the form will be to wait for a notification via a phone call, text message, and/or email alert. How you will receive this notification is based on what contact information you entered into the form. Our recommendation is to put as much contact information as possible to assure that we are able to reach you when it is your turn. Don't worry, this information is kept in a closed system within Yadkin County and will only be used for this purpose. 

Please know that the phone number on your Caller-ID will not be local and that one of the following phone numbers will show up:

  • 866-419-5000 
  • 855-969-4636 
  • 800-566-9780 

(We recommend saving these numbers under one contact in your phone and naming it 'Yadkin Alerts' so that you know who is calling when it is your turn). 

When it is your turn based on the phases and vaccine availability you will be contacted as mentioned above and we will give instructions on your next steps. At this time, the next steps will include an invitation to a mass vaccination clinic.

3. Print and Fill-Out the Pre-Registration Form 

Once you are notified with an invitation to a mass vaccination clinic, you will also be asked to fill out a pre-registration form. This form is different than the one you originally filled out to get your name on the list for the vaccine. Filling out this form is not mandatory prior to arrival at the clinic, but having it will reduce your wait time to receive the vaccine. If you cannot fill out the form because you need assistance with it or because you do not have a printer, that is okay. Each clinic will have forms and people to assist you with the form. 

Click this link to access the pre-registration form prior to your arrival (Do not attempt to submit this form ahead of time. Instead, we will need you to bring this form to the clinic with you the day that you receive your vaccine).

(Versión en español:

4. Arrive at the Clinic on the Day that you are Invited 

The location, date, and time of the clinic will be provided to you in the notification you receive. Be sure to bring your pre-registration form with you on the day of the clinic. 

Also, please remember the following: 

  • If you are under isolation or quarantine orders you will not be permitted to enter the clinic.
  • If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 you will not be permitted to enter the clinic.
  • You will not be permitted to receive the vaccine if you have had any other vaccinations within the last 14 days.
  • Do not invite others to the clinic. We will only have enough vaccine available for those who have been contacted. 
  • You will need to plan to come back to the clinic 21 days (for Pfizer) or 28 days (for Moderna) after your first vaccine to receive your second dose. We will let you know which vaccine you will receive and when to come back for your second dose. 

If you need further assistance or know someone that needs further assistance, we have a live call center during normal business hours that can be contacted: (336) 849-7950

Current Status

As the supply is available, Yadkin County is vaccinating those in the following phases: 

  • Phase 1a 
    • Healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 (Long-term Care staff and residents are being handled by the Federal Government)

  • Phase 1b / Group 1
    • Anyone 75 years and older

Yadkin County is aggressively pursuing to administer the vaccine as quickly and safely as possible. However, because of the 'High Need, Low Supply' status of the vaccine right now, we are only able to offer it based on supply and in accordance with the Vaccine Distribution Prioritization Framework given to us by the State of North Carolina. 

The State of North Carolina and the Federal Government are continuing to work to get more vaccines for everyone. As more vaccines become available we will be ready to administer them to more people here in Yadkin County.