Pregnancy Care Management

Pregnancy Care Management (PCM)

Pregnancy Care Management is a statewide program in North Carolina promoting healthy mothers and healthy babies who have Medicaid. This program provides care management services by a social worker or nurse for high risk women during pregnancy and two months after delivery.

High Risk Criteria

  • Have ever had a premature baby (born before 37 weeks)
  • Are pregnant with twins, triplets, etc.
  • Have diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV, sickle cell, asthma, seizure disorder, mental illness, or other conditions which can affect your pregnancy
  • Are in an unsafe living environment (homeless, unstable housing, family violence, or sexual abuse)
  • Use drugs and / or alcohol while you are pregnant
  • Smoke or use tobacco products while you are pregnant

How Will I Know if I am High Risk?

When you have your first visit with your prenatal care provider, he or she will help you determine if you have any risk factors. If you have risk factors, you will be referred to a pregnancy care manager.

What Will a Pregnancy Care Manager do for Me?

  • Help you identify your needs and make a plan to address them
  • Work closely with you and your doctor to understand your needs
  • Help arrange transportation to medical appointments, if needed
  • Work hand in hand with you to help have a healthy baby

This service is available to Yadkin County residents through Surry County Health & Nutrition Center. For additional information, please contact: Karen Eaton at 118 Hamby Rd, Dobson · (336) 401-8400