What are the rules and policies to absentee voting?

Early "no excuse" voting is now available for any registered voter either by mail or in person. To vote by mail, a voter may make a request by filling out the official state request form. You may call our office at 849-7907 to request one be mailed to you or you may find the link to get one on our webpage. The deadline for requesting that a ballot be mailed is always the Tuesday before an election. Completed ballots must be in the election office by 5:00 pm on the election day to be eligible for counting.

One-stop / no excuse voting is available prior to all elections for any registered voter who would like to vote early. To make your request in person, visit:

  • Board of Elections Office, 1300 UNIFI Industrial Road Yadkinville, NC 27055

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2. What are the rules and policies to absentee voting?
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