Yadkin County GIS and Addressing

Davie/Yadkin County Line Project

In October 2013, Yadkin County and Davie County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution requesting the North Carolina Geodetic Survey (NCGS) "establish the exact boundary between Davie County and Yadkin County".  Between 2013 and 2020, NCGS researched the boundary location and in March 2020 presented their findings to both counties. Please visit the following  Davie/ Yadkin County Line Mapping Project to view related documentation, maps, and web mapping application.

Effective as of March 27, 2020, the Yadkin County GIS Department will only operate and accept request by email or telephone. All paper copy maps will now be delivered digitally in PDF format. Please dial (336)-849-7704 or email sratcliffe@yadkincountync.gov for any GIS related issues or request.


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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) make it possible for us to visualize, collect, inform, store, organize, examine, and publish various types of data about Yadkin County. GIS does all of this with layers of data. These layers contain tabulated information similar to a spreadsheet and information on the shape or geography of that information. Examples of common layers are Tax Data, Fire Districts, Roads, Zoning, Addresses, and Flood Zones. Yadkin County’s GIS is under the Information Technology  Department and we work with various departments in the county to collect and maintain data. We also use state and federal agencies as data sources. Yadkin County GIS Department provides the data that is on the county GIS Maps website but the site is hosted by a 3rd party vendor.

Enhanced 911 (E911) is also a part of GIS. New technologies and a multi-department approach are aiding in the collection, creation, and distribution of information used by E911.

Useful Links

NC Secretary of States Site provides answers to some frequently ask questions that deal with land records.
Secretary of State site

UNC Institute of Museum and Library Services has a site that provides historic maps. Some of these maps date back to the late 1700’s
UNC Library Maps