Yadkin Alerts

Yadkin County’s NEW Citizen Alert System!

This new program has many features designed to keep our citizens informed in case of extreme incidents!
This is a free service is provided to the citizens of Yadkin County by your Yadkin County Government.

This system is called Yadkin Alerts.

Yadkin County has invested in a Mass Notification System (Code Red) that will be used for multiple purposes.  (Emergency evacuations, shelter openings, haz-mat, health alerts, etc.)

In the event of a major incident the county can send a mass notification to a  selected area or county wide. Notices can be sent via any combination of 3 methods, TEXT, EMAIL, or VOICE CALL.

Examples: (Here are examples of notifications but this is not all types of notices)Flooding1

  • Severe Storms—We can send notifications of impending severe weather. Tornado warnings and potential path.
  • Flooding—Notices of severe flooding and areas to avoid or that are not passable.
  • Winter Storms—Notices concerning Emergency Operations, Shelter Openings, & such
  • Severe Traffic Incidents—Notice of a Hazardous Material incident with instructions, A severe vehicle accident that will block traffic for an extended period, & such.
  • 911—If 911 is experiencing communication issues, then we can send a county wide notice of alternate phone numbers.
  • Law Enforcement—Active shooter notices, wanted person, man hunt in progress are some examples.

These are just a few examples of the emergency notifications that could be sent out.

The Yadkin Alerts \ CodeRED system will be used to relay information about emergency conditions, road detours, water line breaks, weather-related directives, closures, or other service-related information through phone calls, text messages, emails and social media. You can easily create a managed account by connecting with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. This will allow you to keep your information up to date.

Voice and Text Notifications

Yadkin Alerts uses 3 Caller-ID phone numbers to send messages to the public. If you create a contact in your phone and add all 3 numbers then you will never miss an important alert from the system. The 3 Caller-ID phone numbers to add are:

  • (866) 419-5000
  • (855) 969-4636
  • (800) 566-9780

Please Register!

The best way to ensure that you receive these very important alerts is to register on Code Red’s Yadkin portal.


When you go to the registration portal you will have the option of creating a “Managed Account”, I highly recommend this! With a “managed account” you can always log in to the registration portal and change your options & selections.

You can login with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account.  Or create an account just for the alerts.

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There’s An APP for That

CodeRed Alerts has an APP for both Apple & Android available in the App stores. It is a 100% free app. You will sign into the app with the same username & password that you created in the registration portal.

Click Here for more information about the APP

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