Solid Waste / Recycling

Solid Waste Department

The Yadkin County Solid Waste Facility, located at 1149 Landfill Rd has new hours. 

  • Monday-Friday 7:00am - 4:30pm
  • Saturday 8:00am - 2:00pm

Yadkin County Solid Waste is experiencing higher than normal volumes of traffic.  We ask citizens be mindful of these higher volumes of traffic and longer wait times while using convenience sites.

The Yadkin County Solid Waste Department operates 7 convenience sites and 1 Transfer Station within the County. Our convenience sites are strategically located across the County to serve almost 13,000 unincorporated households.  Convenience sites ONLY accept bagged household trash and single-stream recyclables.  Large loads of bagged household solid waste should be taken to the Solid Waste Facility at 1149 Landfill Rd in Yadkinville.

For all other materials not accepted at the convenience sites, the Transfer Station at the Yadkin County Solid Waste Facility, is available to all residents and businesses. The Solid Waste Facility accepts bagged trash, recyclables, construction and demolition debris, yard waste, metal, tires, electronics and motor oil.  Hazardous Waste materials are not accepted at the Solid Waste Facility.

If you have any questions regarding solid waste disposal or recycling, you may contact a site or our office. 

Solid Waste Disposal Decal

Individuals must have a current Solid Waste Decal affixed to their vehicle to use the convenience sites.  To receive a Solid Waste Decal or receive a replacement decal, please contact the Yadkin County Tax Office at 336-849-7903.

Solid Waste Facility Schedules

If you live inside a municipality then you have curbside recycling and curbside waste pick-up. If you live outside the city limits, you can take your recycling and household bagged solid waste to one of Yadkin County's Convenience Sites.

If a Convenience Site has reached its collection capacity for the day it will close early.  Residents can use another open Convenience Site or visit the Solid Waste Facility. 


Single Stream Recycling is offered at six of the County's convenience sites as well as the Solid Waste Facility.  

"When in Doubt, Throw it Out" 

While citizens can place all their recyclables in one bin, they must be aware of potential contamination in the recycling. Contamination is any item that is mixed in with recyclables that is unable to be recycled (trash).  If there is enough contamination in a collection bin, then all of the contents are unable to be recycled.

For more information about Recycling Best Practices and for Recycling Tips, please visit

Recyclable Materials

To determine if items are acceptable for recycling, please review this list.


How to Properly Discard Your Old Televisions, Computers, and Other Electronics

The Solid Waste facility accepts electronics for recycling.  Please refer to the Solid Waste Fee Schedule for the cost of each item.   

fees regarding TVs & computers, and other options (PDF).

Fees for Disposal

  • Solid Waste Fee Schedule (PDF)
  • Recyclable material: Free
  • Garbage bags: Through the Solid Waste Household Fee (through the tax bill) with sticker - no charge for bagged household waste
  • $70 per ton (landfill only), effective July 1, 2018 ($8.00 minimum) - (waived for DOT Roadside Collections)
  • Scrap Tires not documented or generated in North Carolina $80 per ton
  • Electronics:
  • TVs and Computers up to 32 inches Complete and intact $6 per unit
  • TVs and Computers up to 32 inches Broken and/or with parts missing $10 per unit
  • TVs and Computers larger than 32 inches Complete and intact $10 per unit
  • TVs and Computers up to 32 inches Broken and/or with parts missing $20 per unit