Employee Health Clinic

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An amazing benefit provided to the employees of Yadkin County is an On-site Employee Health Clinic. On-site Health clinics have a number of distinct advantages:

  • Place medical providers (usually Nurse Practitioners) at the worksite
  • Provide non-emergency medical services similar to a primary care or urgent care office
  • Help hold-down health care costs by providing care directly and removing administration costs
  • Allows you to build relationships with medical staff which encourages wellness and preventative care


Benefits to Employees & Qualified Dependents

  • No cost for on-site clinic visits for Employees and Qualified Dependents
  • Convenience and comfort of seeing providers that get to know you and understand your needs
  • Easy access to service with short wait times and short lead-times on appointments
  • No insurance claims, statements, co-pays, deductibles or any other restrictions or paperwork - clinic visits do not utilize traditional insurance. You just receive care and go back to your life
  • This is a free, optional benefits