Yadkin County Emergency Services relies heavily on well-qualified employees to perform prehospital care within our EMS Division. To accomplish this our service offers several scheduling options for our full-time employees, competitive pay with great benefits, and a career ladder with many promotional prospects for our field staff, all at additional pay rates. 

EMS employees training

Work Schedule

Yadkin County EMS has several unique work schedules to choose from: 

Modified 24/48 shifts 

This schedule allows you to enjoy 5 days off every three-four weeks. This requires no "payback" shifts. We offer two different start-times: 7 am and 8 am.

12-hour shifts

This schedule allows you to enjoy every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. We offer day and night shifts starting at 7 am and 7 pm.  

Float Schedule

This schedule is used to supplement the modified 24/48 hour schedule. Employees on the Float Schedule work every Tuesday and Friday for 3-4 months then rotate to every Tuesday and Saturday for the next 3-4 months. 

Pay Range:

At this time, Yadkin County offers full-time employment to credentialed Paramedics only. EMT's and Advanced EMT's are employed in our system in part-time positions. 

Below are the pay ranges for our full-time field staff: 

  • Paramedic: $34,469 - $51,704
  • Crew Chief: $36,469 - $54,166
  • Field Training Officer: $37,844 - $56,767
  • Paramedic COVID Specialist: $37,844 - $56,767
  • Paramedic Lieutenant: $39,659 - $59,489

Below are the pay ranges for our part-time field staff: 

  • EMT: $13.09 - $19.63 / hr
  • AEMT: $13.70 - $20.55 / hr
  • Paramedic: $15.78 - $23.67 / hr

Pay for full-time and part-time is based on years of experience, education, and other qualifying certificate courses. For full-time employees, the pay range shown does not reflect the additional pay for built-in overtime or holiday hours.

County Benefits

 Working for Yadkin County Emergency Services there are many great benefits that are offered, including: 

  • North Carolina Local Government Retirement
  • 401k (Prudential) & 457 Deferred Compensation Plan (Nationwide)
  • Paid overtime
  • Paid County holidays (as an EMS employee, you will be paid eight hours for each County holiday throughout the year)
  • Longevity Pay
  • Vacation Leave (Staring at 8 hours per month [96 hours per year]), Sick Leave, and Military Leave
  • Group Health Insurance, Group Dental Insurance, and long-term care insurance (Blue Cross / Blue Shield)
  • Vision Insurance (Community Eye Care)
  • Health Insurance for retirees until Medicare eligible 
  • Colonial Supplemental Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance (USAble)
  • An employee wellness clinic at no charge to the full-time employee 
  • Employee Assistance Program: Incident debriefing at no charge and County provides 3-sessions per employee and/or their dependents