***Important update: Yadkin County EMS is now working the 24/72 schedule!***

Yadkin County Emergency Services relies heavily on well-qualified employees to perform prehospital care within our EMS Division. To accomplish this our service offers a great schedule and competitive pay with great benefits. In addition, our service has a genuine career ladder with many promotional prospects for our field staff, all at additional pay rates. 

Why become a part of our EMS Family?...

EMS Crew

Work Schedule

Yadkin County EMS Employees enjoy a 24/72 work schedule. This schedule allows the EMS employees to work 1 day and enjoy 3 days off! Here's an example of how it works:

24-72 example

911-Focused with a reasonable call-volume

Our primary mission is to provide Emergency Medical Services to our citizens. To that end, we focus our resources on 911 calls and do not run convalescent/interfacility transports. We want our EMS units and our EMS Employees to be available for 911 calls. 


Yadkin County EMS offers a competitive pay plan that not only values the employee... but the employee's experience and education. We have many promotional prospects within our system that are designated at specific pay grades so you get paid for the job you do!

Pay Range:

  • Paramedic: $38,989/year - $58,483/year ($17.85/hour - $26.78/hour) 
  • Paramedic Crew Chief: $40,938/year - $61,406/year ($18.74/hour - $28.12/hour)
  • Paramedic Field Training Officer: $42,985/year - $64,447/year ($19.68/hour - $29.52/hour)
  • Community Paramedic: $42,985/year - $64,447/year ($19.68/hour - $29.52/hour)
  • Paramedic Lieutenant: $45,134/year - $67,702/year ($20.67/hour - $31.00/hour)
  • EMS Captain: $49,761/year - $74,641/year ($22.78/hour - $34.18/hour)

Your pay within the above pay range is figured on the following (any amount over 25% will have to go to the Board of Commissioners for approval): 

  • Experience above the minimum job requirement is worth 2% for each year in excess of the minimum requirement. For the Paramedic there is no experience required, the Crew Chief position requires 2 years of paramedic experience, the FTO position requires 3 years of paramedic experience, and the Lieutenant position requires 4 years of paramedic experience. 
  • Additional levels of formal education are worth 2% for each additional level:  2 Year, 4 Year, Masters, PhD.
  • Emergency Services will also offer the additional amount above the base pay: 
    • 0.25% for AHA ACLS 
    • 0.25% for AHA PALS 
    • 0.25% for National Registry 
    • 0.25% for ITLS, PHTLS, or the equivalent. 


 Additional pay:

The above pay range is the base pay only... All Full-Time EMS Employees (from Paramedic - Captain) will also receive:   

  • Built-in overtime after 40 hours
  • Holiday Pay (Yadkin County pays 8 hours for each county holiday [11-12 per year] regardless if the EMS employee works those days or not)
  • Paid Training

Also, Yadkin County does bi-weekly direct deposits! A Paycheck every two weeks means 2, & sometimes 3, paychecks a month! 

Easy Switch

As you may know, if you are already working for a local government that participates in North Carolina's Local Government Retirement System your years of service will be transferred here. However, Yadkin County provides two additional benefits: 

  • An employee's sick time from their previous NC local government position is transferred here
  • An employee accrues vacation hours based on their time spent in the NC local government system: Capture vacation hours e.g.: If you are transferring to Yadkin County from "___________ County, NC" and have 15 years of service there.... you will start accruing vacation time at 14 hours per month upon your hire here


  • North Carolina Local Government Retirement
  • 401k (Prudential) & 457 Deferred Compensation Plan (Nationwide)
  • Paid Overtime
  • Paid Training
  • Uniforms provided (new polo shirts)
  • Paid County holidays (as an EMS employee, you will be paid eight hours for each County holiday throughout the year)
  • Annual Longevity Bonuses after 10 years of service
  • Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, and Military Leave
  • Health Insurance (100% paid for by the county for the employee) 
  • BC/BS Dental Insurance
  • Long-term care insurance (Blue Cross / Blue Shield)
  • Vision Insurance (Community Eye Care)
  • Health Insurance for retirees until Medicare eligible 
  • Colonial Supplemental Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance (USAble)
  • Employee Wellness Clinic at no cost to the employee (EMS employees are welcome to visit during their working shift)

Retire with the County's Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance Until you are Medicare Eligible! 

County-funded health insurance coverage will be provided to employees who have been a County employee for a minimum of ten (10) years qualifying for full retirement as member of the North Carolina Local Governmental Employees’ Retirement System or the North Carolina Law Enforcement Retirement System. These benefits will be paid at the same level as for active employees and will be provided to retired employees until they become eligible for Medicare. 

About Yadkin County EMS: 

Yadkin County is a rural community located west of Winston-Salem, NC. We serve 37,000+ citizens, as well as the visitors and travelers who commute into and through our County every day. Last year, we responded to over 6,000 request for service utilizing up to 5 ALS transport units and 1 QRV. Our residents are also served by our award-winning Community Paramedic program. 

We keep an updated fleet equipped with LifePak 15’s, Stryker Power-LOAD stretchers & Stair-PRO stairchairs, video laryngoscopes, PAPR’s, and PCR software that provides access to patient feedback data from several area hospitals.

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