Tier II Reporting


In order to protect first responders and the public from hazardous chemicals and to help maintain compliance with the North Carolina Hazardous Chemicals Right to Know Act, facilities that store or handle hazardous chemicals should submit Tier II reports using ePlan. Yadkin County Emergency Services - Emergency Management Division - oversees and coordinates the Teir II program for Yadkin County. 

What is Tier II Reporting?

Tier II Reporting is a vital component of environmental and community safety regulations in North Carolina, specifically under the North Carolina Hazardous Chemicals Right-to-Know Act and the United States Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act. This reporting mechanism requires facilities that manufacture, process, store, or use hazardous chemicals to submit detailed annual reports. These reports are not mere formalities; they are essential tools in managing chemical risks and ensuring public safety.

The essence of Tier II Reporting lies in its detailed inventory of hazardous chemicals. Facilities must report the types, quantities, and specific storage locations of these chemicals. This information is critical for emergency planners and responders, enabling them to develop effective strategies for dealing with potential chemical incidents. By having a comprehensive understanding of the hazardous materials present in the community, emergency services can tailor their response plans, ensuring they are adequately prepared to handle incidents involving these substances.

Why is Tier II Reporting Important?

Tier II Reporting is a critical element in maintaining safety within Yadkin County. The main goal of Tier II Reporting in Yadkin County is to provide detailed information about the presence, quantity, and location of hazardous chemicals within local facilities to first responders. This knowledge is invaluable in preparing for and responding to any potential chemical emergencies.

Knowing what chemicals are stored at a site enables first responders and Emergency Managment to plan and execute their response more effectively and safely. It allows first responders to determine the necessary tactics and strategies for firefighting, to prepare with the proper protective equipment needed in their area, the advise of the best approach for containment during an emergency, and to advise on the right medical treatments in case of any exposures during an incident. In addtion, Tier II reporting aids in any evacuation plans that may be needed during an incident.  

Who Should Submit a Tier II Report?

Knowing if your facility needs to submit a Tier II Report is crucial. Facilities in North Carolina must submit a report if they store hazardous chemicals on-site at or above the following state threshold quantities for more than 24 hours (55 gallons or 500 pounds or at or above the chemical's designated Threshold Planning Quantity [TPQ]). For a more detailed understanding, including specific chemical thresholds, visit the North Carolina Department of Public Safety's Chemical Safety & Reporting page.

When is the Submission of a Tier II Report Due?

In North Carolina, the deadline for submitting Tier II reports is March 1st of each year. This means that facilities required to report must have their submissions completed and sent to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), their Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and their local fire department by this date. The reporting period begins on January 1st, giving facilities a two-month window to compile and submit their information. It's crucial for facilities to adhere to this timeline to maintain compliance and support community safety initiatives.

Late or missed reports can lead to unnecessary risks and potential legal complications. Therefore, facilities are encouraged to start gathering necessary information well in advance, ensuring they have ample time to complete their Tier II reports accurately and thoroughly. Staying ahead of the deadline not only helps in maintaining compliance but also contributes to a safer community by keeping emergency responders well-informed.

How to Submit a Tier II Report:

How to Complete Tier II Reporting:

Submitting a Tier II report in Yadkin County is a straightforward process, thanks to the ePlan online system. To start, facilities need to visit the ePlan website and register for an account, if they haven’t already. Once registered, they can log in to their account and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete and submit their Tier II report. The ePlan system is designed to be user-friendly, guiding facilities through the reporting process to ensure accuracy and completeness.

By adhering to the Tier II reporting requirements and submitting the necessary information through ePlan, facilities in Yadkin County not only help ensure their compliance with the act and avoid potential fines, but also play a crucial role in safeguarding first responders, employees, and the community as a whole.

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