Independent Living Services for Current and Former Foster Youth

What is the LINKS Program?

The LINKS Program was developed to guide and support young people ages 13-21 who have been or are in the custody of the Yadkin County Human Services Agency. “LINKS” does not “stand” for anything but is meant to represent the aim of the program: To link young people to services and support so that they can transition successfully into adulthood.


Who is Eligible?

You are eligible for the LINKS Program if you:

  • Are between the ages of 13 to 21
  • Are currently in the custody of the Yadkin County Department of Social Services/Yadkin County Human Services Agency


  • Were in the custody of the Yadkin County Department of Social Services / Yadkin County Human Services Agency after your 13th birthday
  • Are a citizen or legal resident of the USA
  • Have less than $10,000 in personal reserves (saved money)

What can LINKS do for Me?

The LINKS Program offers assistance with:

  • Job searches and employment information
  • Educational support and financial help including Educational Training Vouchers and NC Reach (this may allow you to go to college for free)
  • Financial incentives for completion of a high school diploma, GED, college program, etc.
  • Assistance in locating housing, medical care and mental health treatment
  • Information on Expanded Foster Care Medicaid (you may qualify for Medicaid if you aged out of foster care)
  • Financial assistance for things related to independent living like utility deposits, work uniforms, car insurance and rent
  • Information on CARS Agreements (Contractual Agreement for continuing Residential Support) if you are interested in staying in your licensed placement when you turn 18 and are enrolled in school
  • Extended Foster Care 18-21