Chief Deputy/Major

The Chief Deputy/Major is the highest ranking position below the Sheriff. The Chief Deputy/Major has oversight of the department's day-to-day operations, which include the following divisions: Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Civil, Patrol, the Court and the Detention Center (Jail).

Major M.D. Hutchens began employment with the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Department in 1985 as a Telecommunicator before moving to Court Officer and then to Patrol Officer. Major Hutchens then became a Detective in 1990. Major Hutchens left the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Department in 1997 and moved to the Charlotte area, where he worked as a Detective for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office until 2010. Major Hutchens returned to the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Office as a Detective. “I grew up here and went to Surry Community College where I received an Associate Degree. Then I went through Basic Law Enforcement Training at Wilkes Community College.” “I grew up in the Fall Creek community of East Bend.” Major Hutchens has twenty-six years of law enforcement service.


The Captain’s responsibilities include direct supervision of the Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division, Tactical Team, School Resource Officers, evidence management, coordination of special events, internal and background investigations, training, policy development and equipment management.

Captain Brent Trivette joined the Sheriff's Office in 1994 and worked until 1998. He left the Sheriff's Office and worked for other Law Enforcement agencies until returning to Yadkin County in 2016. He has worked in several different Divisions including Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Narcotics, SWAT, Communications, Court security, Deputy and a Supervisor. He is a Firearms and SCAT instructor. 

Captain Trivette attended Basic Law Enforcement Training at Surry Community College in 1991 and also studied Criminal Justice at Surry Community College. He is a graduate of NC State Universities Administrative Officers Management Program, and holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate.

Communications Director

The Communications Director has oversight and supervision of the 911 Communications division's day to day operations. The Communications division is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the entire county and dispatches law enforcement, fire/rescue, and emergency medical services (EMS) for the county. The Director is also responsible for overseeing the maintenance for the 911 phone system and the radio system which all public entities in the county operate.

Christi Ann Colbert began her communications career in 1986 as an Emergency 911 Telecommunicator. She transitioned herself through the years as a Telecommunicator, Communications Supervisor, Interim Emergency 911 Director, Sheriff Administration Assistant, and an Emergency 911 Communications Director. Over 30 years of dedication to the Sheriff Office and 911 Emergency Communications with Stokes County, Surry County, and now in the last few years has found her home in Yadkin County. Christi has attended Forsyth Tech, Wilkes Community College, Surry Community College and Richmond Community College. Christi is a certified Emergency PSAP Manager.

The Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Yadkin County Sheriff's Office is led by Lieutenant Michael Norman. Lt. Norman began his career in law enforcement in 2007 after attending basic law enforcement training at Surry Community College. Lt. Norman has gained extensive knowledge through training and experience investigating various types of crimes. Lt. Norman worked in the Patrol Division prior to being assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division. 

In the Criminal Investigation Division Lt. Norman worked his way through the ranks from Detective up to Detective Lieutenant. Lt. Norman has oversight of the Criminal Investigation Division's day to day operations. The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for investigating various types of crimes to include, homicides, robberies, assaults, sex crimes, property crimes, and financial and fraud crimes. Lt. Norman also has oversight of the narcotics enforcement unit of the Sheriff's Office.