Yadkin County Animal Shelter Volunteer Program

Our shelter welcomes volunteers! There are many opportunities to help, from dog walking to special events. To get started, read and/or complete the following Volunteer Application (PDF). Then, return the completed forms to the shelter and talk with one of our shelter staff members to set up a time for orientation.

Our shelter also accepts donations from persons or organizations. To provide a donation to the shelter, an individual should first complete the memorandum of agreement (PDF). Bring this, and the items, to the shelter to be submitted for review. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the shelter at 336-849-7901 option 2.

Foster Program

We want every animal brought to us to have a chance for a long and happy life. Because of animals, our limited resources and personnel, we are not able to care for the many sick, injured and very young but otherwise adoptable animals as we would like to. Foster care will allow some of the young ones to grow and the sick and injured to heal. The Foster Care Program brings caring individuals and needy animals together, providing special care in a home setting until the animals are ready for adoption.

The foster program is open to current volunteers that have logged 10 or more hours. If you are a current volunteer with over ten hours, you can start the process by filling out the Foster Application below and returning it to the Shelter by email, fax, or in person. The foster program process also includes a site assessment of your home by a member of the Shelter staff.