Lead Poisoning Prevention

When a child under six years of age has an elevated blood lead level, Environmental Health staff performs lead poisoning investigations in conjunction with a Regional Environmental Health Specialist from the NC Division of Environmental Health to determine the source of the lead exposure. It is recommended that healthcare providers test all children under six year of age for high blood lead levels to aid in early detection. Lead poisoning in children can cause a wide variety of issues including headaches, hearing loss, learning problems, anemia, loss of energy, upset stomach, poor appetite and coma or death (at very high levels). Lead can be found in many items such as water, soil, some paints, folk/traditional medicines, craft/hobby materials, fishing weights, clothing of a person who works in an environment containing lead, and older mini-blinds to name a few. Lead is appealing to children due to its naturally sweet taste.

When a child with a high blood level is reported, Environmental Health staff investigates the child's home or other frequently visited location to try to find the source of the lead in the child's environment. When the source of lead is discovered, Environmental Health staff will work with the parents or guardians to eliminate the source of the lead poisoning.

Additional Information

For more information on Lead Prevention Program, please contact the Yadkin County Environmental Health at (336) 849-7905 or click on the links below. If you suspect that your child has come in contact with lead or may be poisoned, please call your health care provider or the Yadkin County Human Services Health Clinic at (336) 849-7910.