Public Health Preparedness and Response

About the Public Health Preparedness and Response Division 

Yadkin County Emergency Services, in cooperation with Yadkin County Human Services, oversees Yadkin County's Public Health Preparedness & Response (PHP&R) program. The Assistant Director of Emergency Services serves as the Preparedness Coordinator and works closely with the Human Services agency to assure that Public Health in Disaster Situations (such as pandemics, chemicals and radiological releases, sheltering, mass care, etc.) is cared for. 

The relationship between Emergency Services and Human Services in this venture has resulted in a robust program that has allowed Yadkin County to benefit from the strengths of two Departments.  The PHP&R Program is funded through the State of North Carolina's PHP&R Program. 

PHP&R requires coordination and collaboration among multiple sectors and partners at the local, state, and federal levels. PHP&R capabilities include community resilience, incident management, information management, countermeasures and mitigation, surge management, and biosurveillance. These capabilities help our community plan for, respond to, and recover from public health emergencies.


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