Child Care - Subsidized

Subsidized child care can be provided to children who need child care for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To maintain employment
  • Education (time limited)
  • Crisis situations
  • Developmental needs of a child
  • Child Protective Services


Each family’s eligibility is determined based on the above criteria and their income. Parents must pay a portion of the child care costs every month directly to the provider by paying 8%, 9% or 10% of their countable income as a parent fee. Please come in during business hours to apply.

Parent should choose a provider based upon the needs of the child from a licensed center or home, church operated programs and informal arrangements such as care by a relative. Federal regulations require in most instances that providers must meet some health and safety standards and agree to certain conditions for the receipt of public funds.

Always Remember

  • Know and understand the facility policies and procedures before placing your child in any child care center or home.

Additional Information

Would you like additional information for child care? or call 1-800-859-0859.