Maternal Health

Maternal Health Program

The Maternal Health Program provides prenatal healthcare to Yadkin County residents who are planning to deliver at WFBMC Birthing Center. The Yadkin County Medical Clinic accepts Medicaid. If you have no insurance, fees are based on household income and the number of persons living in the home.

Services Available

  • Medicaid Clients
    • Care Management for Medicaid Clients may include home visits if indicated by OB Coordinator
  • OB Care includes:
    • initial comprehensive exam
    • recommended lab testing
    • scheduling ultrasounds
    • monitoring visits
      • every 4 weeks till 28 weeks
      • then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks
      • then weekly till delivery
    • postpartum exam and contraception
    • patient education
  • Breast feeding instruction and support
  • Interpreter services
  • Pregnancies determined to be High Risk will be referred.

Additional Information

For additional Maternal Health information, please contact:

  • Maternal Health Coordinator
    Phone: (336) 849-7642