Family Planning

Family Planning Program

The Family Planning Program provides services to promote reproductive and general healthcare for both men and women of childbearing age. If clients are not Family Planning Waiver eligible or Medicaid eligible, a sliding fee scale based on family income is used to determine charges.


Family Planning services include:

  • Annual physical exams*
  • Birth control method of choice*
  • Exams for vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, breast problems, and other gynecological problems*
  • Immunizations*
  • Pregnancy testing

*These services are by appointment for anyone (male or female) of childbearing age.


Counseling is available through the Family Planning Clinic in these areas:

  • Abstinence and coercion
  • Birth control methods
  • Fertility Awareness
  • STDs / HIV
  • Nutrition / Weight loss or gain
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Domestic violence
  • Pregnancy spacing
  • Smoking cessation
  • Body mass index information

Additional Information

For additional Family Planning information, please contact:

  • Family Planning Coordinator
    Phone: (336) 849-7642