Frequently Asked Questions

Yadkin Memorial Park at Lake Hampton 

Q: What kind of fish are in Lake Hampton?

A: Largemouth Bass, Crappie, and Catfish are the species that NC Wildlife has stocked in the lake.


Q: How often is the lake stocked?

A: Only Catfish and Shade are stocked on a regular schedule, controlled by NC Wildlife.


Q: Where can I fish?

A: You can fish off one of the two piers or by boat.  NO BANK FISHING IS ALLOWED.


Q: How deep is the water?

A: Lake Hampton can see depths of over 35 ft.


Q: When did Yadkin Memorial Park open?

A: 2014

Q: Will the Ashley/Ladd Trail eventually go all the way around the lake?

A: It is in the master plan for the trail to go all the way around, but there is no scheduled time frame.


Q: How long are the trails?

A Yadkin Memorial Park has over 5 miles of multipurpose trails.


Q: What type of camping is offered at Yadkin Memorial Park and when do you offer it?

A: Primitive Camping Only and is offered Thursday – Saturday nights from March to November.  


Q: How old do you have to be to rent a kayak/boat?

A: You must be 18 years of age.


Q: How do I get to the Yadkin Memorial Park East Entrance?

A: the address is 2513 Ireland Rd. Yadkinville NC, 27055


Q: How do I rent a campsite, shelter, or another facility?

A: All rentals are done at the Lake office, located at 1200 Crystal Lane, Yadkinville NC, 27055. The phone number is (336) 849-7751.


Yadkin County Park 

Q: How do I rent the County Park Shelter or the Yadkin County Pool?

A: All rentals are done at the Lake office located at 1200 Crystal Lane, Yadkinville NC, 27055. The phone number is (336) 849-7751. 


Q: How do I rent the Ballfields?

A: All ballfield rentals are scheduled through the Parks and Recreation assistant director. Please call (336) 469-0299.


Q: How long is the walking track at the Memorial Park?

A: The walking trail is half a mile long.

Q: How do I sign my kids up for recreational sports?

A: Yadkin County recreational sports are offered through Yadkin Soccer Association or your child’s school athletics club. You can visit the Yadkin Soccer Association webpage for more information about soccer. If you are interested in other sports please contact your child’s school office.